THE JOY OF GRATITUDE - 7th of January

A Joyshop for Holistic Well-Being & Happiness

It is a proven thing that GRATITUDE can help feel happier & reduce stress. All you have to do is to PAUSE, PAY ATTENTION, APPRECIATE. 

Vibha's Joyshop has universal appeal. It has been hosted globally, to celebrate annual day, as part of employee engagement, for faculty under FDP, for college students during induction and more.

HR departments have hosted it to celebrate birthdays or festivals & families to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. 

What happens in the Joyshop? 

Firstly, it is NOT a typical workshop. It is a JOYSHOP, hence not boring and will NOT make you feel sleepy. 

In the Joyshop, Vibha will walk you through NINE realms of life, that serve as REMINDERS, to experience the beauty & power of gratitude, in daily life. 

Vibha's approach to gratitude is not about emotional or spiritual bypassing or toxic positivity. Instead, it is about experiential gratitude and authentic positivity. 

Format of the Joyshop - Interactive

Based on Vibha's ReNEW Framework - Reminders, Neuroscience, Experiential & Whole Person Engagement. 

Full price for 3 hours plus 1 month handholding: 46,- €

If you are a student or you are not able to pay the full price - this is for you: 34,-€. And please feel free to contact Evelyn if you are in need and you are only able to give a donation. (evelyn@ekatra.de)